Give us the opportunity to answer any questions you may have. Here are the most frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between translation and interpretation?

‘Translation’ is the conversion, in writing, of a text in one language into a text in a different language. ‘Interpretation’ is the simultaneous (involving a lapse of 4 or 5 seconds) oral conversion, of a spoken text into a spoken text in a different language. Simultaneous interpretation requires the use of special simultaneous interpretation equipment, so that the audience may hear the translation directly through earphones. ‘Consecutive’ interpretation can be done without equipment, but requires after each stretch of speech, a pause, during which the interpreter may translate the previous stretch of speech.

Why are two interpreters needed for more than two hours of interpreting?

Simultaneous interpretation requires such a high level of concentration that no interpreter can sustain an excellent concentration for more than two hours. Two interpreters can trade off every 20 or 30 minutes, thereby keeping the interpretation fresh and accurate. The presence of a second interpreter has the added advantage of permitting correction and addition of vocabulary.

How does the simultaneous interpretation equipment work?

The equipment consists of a wireless receiver with earphones used by the listeners of the interpretation and a transmitter and microphone in the interpreter’s booth. The audience hears the words of the interpreters without any interference from the local sound system.

How can I be sure that the interpreter I hire is completely knowledgeable in the vocabulary particular to my event?

When requesting our services, the customer my request the resume of the interpreter who will be present, to view his/her areas of specialization. It is also especially useful for the customer to send, in advance, written material regarding the topics of the event to permit the interpreter to elaborate a special ‘glossary’ for your event. It is further advisable for the interpreter to meet with the speaker before the event for a brief session of clarifications, whether of specialized vocabulary or possible confusions.